Summer Series Summary 2021

The series is centered around the theme of using the right MRI method to ask the right research questions. This program is sponsored by Northwestern University's T32 Training Program in the Neuroscience of Human Cognition and will largely be comprised of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students eager to get under the hood of a variety of methods used in brain analyses. The goal of this series is to balance the practical and theoretical, and provide resources and support for ongoing studies!

Series Format:

By popular demand, there will be two portions of the course: 

Journal Club/Invited Speaker Series. We have decided to host a meeting every Monday and Friday, although some weeks may vary depending on speaker availability. Most of the days will be occupied by one of our amazing guest speakers. On these days a paper will be posted to give background or context to the topic. The speaker(s) will focus on the MRI methods and research questions they have asked with the method.

Co-operative MRI Mutual Support Sessions When there isn't a speaker, Kate and I will be offering an inverted classroom experience that will act as a kind of MRI office hours. We will be providing folks with tons of resources to aid in all sorts of analyses that they may have ongoing. During these sessions, MR interested folks will come together and discuss bugs/analyses issues/modeling questions that we can try to work through together. There is also an opportunity to more formally pitch a project or present a method to get input and feedback in a supportive, low-stakes environment. Let us know if you are interested in presenting and we can add you to the schedule. 

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Background Papers

Week of 6/21 – 6/24

Monday 6/21 1 pm

Setting goals for the summer

Intro with Kate and Zach


Friday 6/24 1 pm


MRI Mutual Support Sessions 


Week of 6/28 – 7/2

Monday 6/28 

Potential pitfalls in GLM denoising fMRI

Molly Bright, PhD

OHBM 2017 talk

Potential pitfalls in denoising resting state fMRI data using General Linear Models.

Friday 7/2 1 pm


MRI Mutual Support Sessions 


Week of 7/5 – 7/9

Monday 7/5 1 pm

Holiday - No Mtg

Holiday - No Mtg

Holiday - No Mtg

Friday 7/9 1 pm


MRI Mutual Support Sessions 


Week of 7/12 – 7/16

Monday 7/12 1 pm

Predicting chronic pain: Translational Studies

Vania Apkarian, PhD

Nociception, Pain, Negative Moods, and Behavior Selection

Wednesday 7/14 1 pm

Representational Similarity Analysis

Charan Ranganath, PhD + lab members

Hippocampal RSA 2021

Practical Guide to RSA in fMRI

Week of 7/19 – 7/23

Monday 7/19 1 pm

Testing Cognitive Models in MRI (tentatively)

Marie Banich, PhD


Friday 7/23 1 pm


MRI Mutual Support Sessions 


Week of 7/26 – 7/30

Monday, 7/26 1 pm

Brain Network Stability Utility

Caterina Gratton, PhD

"Precision functional mapping of individual human brains"  "Functional brain networks are dominated by stable group and individual factors, not cognitive or daily variation"

Friday 7/30 1 pm


MRI Mutual Support Sessions 


Week of 8/2 – 8/6

Monday, 8/2 4 pm

Connectomics of bipolar disorder

Michael Breakspear, PhD + lab members


Friday 8/6 1 pm

Bayesian Methods in MRI/Testing Dysconnectivity models of psychosis

Roberto Limongi, PhD

“The mechanistic basis of prefrontal rTMS/Glutamate and Dysconnection in the

Salience Network”

Week of 8/9 – 8/13

Monday 8/9 1 pm 

NURIPS (The future of NUNDA)

Todd Parrish, PhD and Ajay Kurani, PhD


Friday 8/13 1 pm

Spectroscopy Imaging: Glutamate and Depression

Michael Treadway, PhD

Reduced adaptation of glutamatergic stress response is associated with pessimistic expectations in depression

Week of 8/16 – 8/20

Monday 8/16 1 pm 

Reproducible fMRI data analysis

Russ Poldrack, PhD


Friday 8/20 1 pm

Whole Brain Mediation Models

Tor Wager, PhD


Week of 8/23 – 8/27

Monday 8/23 4 pm

Diffusion Imaging in Psychiatry: Basics and Best Practices

Maria Di Biase, PhD

White matter connectivity disruptions in early and chronic schizophrenia

Thursday 8/26 1 pm

Meta-analyses in fMRI

Angie Laird, PhD

Confirmed Speakers Dates TBD


TBD (Integrating Multi-modal Approaches-tentatively)

Joshua Buckholtz, PhD