Data Blitz 2022 — Tentative List of Speakers —Order TBA



Beeman Lab

Yuhua Yu

The Interplay of Oscillatory Processes during Creative Problem-Solving

Braga Lab

Joe Salvo

Mapping the Relationship between Language and Visual Word-Form Regions

Grabowecky/Suzuki Lab

Pat Zacher

The Speed of Voluntary Visual Attention

Gratton Lab

Alexis Porter

A precision fMRI examination of individual differences in brain networks in schizophrenia

Katseggelos/Parrish/Hill Labs

Yunan Wu

Identification of intracranial hemorrhage and its subtypes on head ct scans using transfer learning and weakly supervised networks

Kurani Lab

Ajay Kurani

NURIPS: The future of high speed imaging and AI research 

Mittal Lab

Isabelle Frosch

The Social Cerebellum in Clinical High-Risk Youth

Nusslock Lab

Zach Anderson

Application of hyperalignment to brain-immune analysis

Paller Lab

Karen Konkoly

Conversing with dreamers in REM sleep: New strategies for dream science

Reber Lab

Y. Catherine Han

Inflexibility in auditory implicit sequence learning 

Rogalski Lab

Kelly Jarvis

Feasibility of comprehensive heart-brain MRI for investigating aging

Slutzky Lab

Jason Hsieh

Network features identify critical language nodes, which act as connector nodes within functional brain networks.

Zelano Lab

Torben Noto

Inhalation is rapidly suppressed in response to images of faces, possibly reflecting multimodal olfactory circuitry in the human amygdala